Elon Musk About Climate Change
Our Mission
UniquEarth Is The #1 Global Movement For Saving Our Awesome Plalet
We take action againts Global Warming. The main reasons are: too much methane (animal agriculture) and CO2 (fossil fuels) on the air, cutting more and more forest trees, polluting ocean (industrial world) and killing too many ocean fishes.
Our Goals
"Change Your Daily Habbits And You Will Save The Earth"
1. Create An Independent Organization With More Than Billion Members
2. Create Own Capital Budget & Don't Depend On Any Funds or Organization
3. Educate Every Person About Global Warming, Solutions And Bright Future {?}
4. Reduce 20% Global CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) By The End Of 2019 {?}
5. Donate 50% Of Income Every Month To Proved Organization Like "4Ocean", "Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation"...{?}
6. To Have An Interview With Great People: "Elon Musk", "Leonardo DiCaprio"...
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